Plant-Based Cannabinoids for Arthritis and Inflammation

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Many Americans - approximately 53 million of us - are affected by arthritis.  Usually arthritis is used to refer to inflammation and stiffness in the joints that comes from over 200 rheumatic diseases.


Inflammation in one’s body can happen at any age, and it can be painful at best and debilitating at worst.  Many people are turning towards natural medicines in an attempt to avoid negative side-effects and drug interactions that prescription drugs, or even large amounts of over-the-counter drugs can have.


There is more and more research showing the possible positive correlation between cannabinoids and decreasing pain/inflammation from rheumatoid diseases.  There are also many anecdotal but powerful stories coming up, from individuals all over the country, that are seeing success from using CBD and other cannabinoids to treat their pain.


At That’s Natural, not only do we pride ourselves on traceability and purity of product, we also stand up and advocate for Food and Medicine Freedom - your right to use natural plant-based medicines as consumers.  Be sure and ask these important questions when researching a product.