Research Study - “Cannabidiol induces rapid-acting antidepressant-like effects…”

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At That’s Natural, we’ve had many customers write in to us about their positive testimonials of our premium CBD-rich hemp oil products.  Some of these concern anxiety, which oftentimes is linked to depression.  In the United States, around 18% of the population 18 years or older (nearly 40 million adults) have anxiety disorders.  Nearly half of people who are diagnosed with anxiety also suffer from depression.


Human beings’ moods are affected by many different things - brain chemistry, genetics, life events, even digestion and overall health.  According to this study in Neuropharmacology, one phytocannabinoid from hemp/cannabis - that of Cannabidiol (or CBD) shows to possibly have promising effects in how cannabinoids like CBD can affect the brain.


You can see the abstract and purchase the article here, and see more of what our customers are saying here!