The Greatest Buzz Is That There Isn’t One At All

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At That’s Natural, we are very happy and excited about all of the talk and smart agriculture policy revolving around the cannabis/hemp plant.  What is most exciting is the recognition from more and more professionals and researchers that hemp, when grown to have high levels of CBD (versus THC), has healing properties that come without the “mentally intoxicating effects that have made cannabis so controversial”.  


We believe it is imperative that people have the right to use natural plant-based products, and those with high levels of CBD (instead of THC) that are safe and can be effectively used for many people.  Whether it is for children, people with balance issues, the elderly, people who just don’t care for the mental ‘buzz’, and even pets - products high in cannabinoids (like CBD) present a wonderful opportunity to positively affect peoples’ (and pets’) Endocannabinoid System.


You don’t need to “get high” or feel any of the mental buzz-like effects to experience benefits from the cannabis plant.  That is the whole concept of natural medicine - to find and use products that only present positive side-effects for you, your body, your emotional well-being.


Remember, high-cannabinoid products that are grown from hemp are already legal to purchase and sell in all 50 States.  Be sure and ask these four important questions before you buy a product.